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Pineapple Logo 2.png


A collective of passionate team members who recognize that love, art, and music share the same vibrational matrix. Our belief is that every artistic movement is capable of touching people’s lives.

We believe in the ability to transform days and nights into a vortex of sounds and lights. Through our notion to cultivate multi-sensory experiences in all forms, Pineapple dedicates tremendous care to the smallest of details to make sure our vision is manifested as properly and precisely as our dream.

Pineapple looks forward to sharing the dance floor with you!

 Why is  Pineapple our  symbol:



Pineapple is symbol of hospitality and friendship.

Make yourself home!


Pinapple represents the spiritual meaning of self-expression.

Be free to be who you are.

Pineapple is a fruit that originates from Brazil.

And so does our story.